Standard Terms

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Standard Terms of Sale

  • Stock is offered for sale per the stated shipping terms and currency
  • Stock is offered by lots and an offer must be for the entire lot. We do not split lots.
  • Stock is offered for sale per the grading criteria, please review before bidding
  • All Bids must be entered in TradePoint to be considered
  • The highest bid at the close of the Auction or Tender will be reviewed against our vendors instructions and notification of success will be emailed once approved
  • Should the reserve not be met, the highest bidder will have the first right to review and resubmit their offer.
  • Upon notification of a successful bid, the winning party will be notified and invoiced.
  • Payment is required within 24 hours (or the next business day following a non trading day)
  • Failure to make payment or provide payment confirmation may result in the goods being offered to the next highest bidder without notice
  • Devices which are NOT expressly stated as free from Network or User locks (including iCloud or Google Play locked) , are sold as is and Zone is not responsible for providing a resolution. Offers should be made accordingly
  • Requests for stock inspection may be available by request – Please submit all requests via

Standard Terms of Trade

  • Goods will only be released only upon full payment.
  • Where Zone is the exporter, Zone will support all documentation preparation, and collection coordination with your nominated freight agent.
  • Some goods will be sold with restrictions on resale by geographic location. In this instance the airway bill will be required before goods are released to the agent
  • Release of goods may take up to 5 days post payment receipt (depending on location and warehousing scheduling for picking and packaging)
  • Once goods are collected by your shipping agent, any claim for damage or stock loss will not be considered. Insurance is recommended for all domestic and international shipments. Requests for a credit or refund will only be considered where the stock is not as described and Zone has the ability to inspect and or verify the claim, either directly or via an independent third party
  • Any goods sold which do not power up at the time of sale and are subsequently repaired must have any and all data wiped. Failure to do so, which in turn results in a claim against Zone for damages, or results in a measurable loss of business will be subsequently be sought against the buying party.
  • Failure to abide by any terms as set out may result in the buyer and any affiliated parties being removed from the system and any subsequent stock offers